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I have given thousands of readings for over fifteen years at both formal and informal events. People always want to know: How can I know so much about them, and how does it work? I say, "Imagine you are taking a written test. You see the question in front of you but donít remember the answer...then suddenly it comes." I see pictures, scenes, landscapes (clairvoyance) and receive sensory impressions (clairsentience). I feel a sense of joy.

When I give a reading, I make every effort to share meaningful information in an atmosphere of safety and discretion. Whether funny, surprising or remarkable, my readings are astute and reflect a keen sense of propriety and optimism. I feel deeply grateful for this gift and delight in sharing it with each of my questioners.

YOU are my favorite subject! You are amazing with hidden depths and discovery. Everyone has a different story to tell, and I love reading every single one of them. Call me now to reserve your time. I would be honored to share my discoveries about you...with you.


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